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Connecting with an underserved community

Life for most 50-95+ year-olds isn’t about driving sports cars, sipping on champagne and going on cruises, but rather enjoying the small moments and life security. Like time in your garden, walking the dogs, and seeing your family do well with your support. However, the market is saturated with unrelatable, clichéd images and less of the stuff that actually matters. Together, we wanted to change that.

Talking to LiveMore customers, helped us gather important insights, to translate into the identity; starting with feeling misunderstood through the clichés that are usually used to represent them when their reality is much more about enjoying the small things and wanting to support their families.

What we did

  • Insight gathering
  • Customer testing

  • Visual identity
  • Website design

  • Key brand touchpoint creation


  • Strategy – Cat Totty

The leap

To connect with this group, the identity needed to feel relatable and reflect what actually mattered to them, but also spark positive feelings with vibrancy and energy. Each of the core components plays a role in this: The Leap is a visual element that shows the positive impact to your life that LiveMore’s mortgages can have — meaning you can stay in the home you love. It’s on an incline to represent the progression. The colour palette is bright and vibrant, unlike other brands for that age group. The logo encapsulates the pinnacle of what the brand means to people and is a home symbol.

Radical accessibility

The new website design utilises the brand redesign to create a bold, bright presence for the core audience, a key distinction from many competitors. With larger type and short line lengths the content is grouped into short sections to aid with readability across devices and varying screen sizes.

Graphic devices and shifts in bold colours help to divide pages and sections or lead users through the information. For example the 'leap' graphic device uses animation to step readers through key points. Simple clear functional tools such as the mortgage calculator are intuitive and easy to use, meaning minimum effort. They give a guide to the amount you may be able to borrow, helping to take potential customers on the first step of finding the right mortgage product.


“The new brand that S+P created for us, really captures who we are in a way that existing and potential customers can relate to, and our team can get excited about. We’ve broken away from the cliched market and we’re ready for our next phase as a business. Now we have a brand that will help get us there.

The S+P team were great to work with: collaborative, good at engaging the team, and able to drive the project forward for us — which was hugely appreciated.”

Leon Diamond, Chief Executive Officer, LiveMore

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