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Creating a brand fit for the live-streaming generation

Tango has grown to be one of Gen Z’s favourite live-streaming and social platforms. Boasting over 450m global users, the platform lets you go live, create content, connect with people, and earn a living. A place for creators to express themselves, and users to show their appreciation by sending gifts that have a financial value. The new brand had to capture the energy, diversity, and vibrance of the creators as well as highlight the platform’s difference in the market.

Working with long-term creative partners, OPEN, based in Tel Aviv, who had already defined the new brand positioning as ‘Now is your moment’. We helped to create the new identity to reflect the central in-app experience where you can receive a virtual gift as you perform.

What we did

  • Brand review
  • Brand identity


  • Strategy – OPEN, Tel Aviv
  • Design – with OPEN, Tel Aviv
  • Animation – Chris Shone

Your moment captured

The art direction captures creators lost in their moment; singing, dancing, or playing, with the identity framing them, bringing energy and excitement. They are lit as if on-stage, using the bright brand colours to reflect the ‘Live’ nature of their performance.

Bringing it all together

Both iconography and animation play a large role in the identity. Iconography is designed to integrate into the typography and the in-app experience. A series of ‘gifting trails’ based on different shapes were created in key colours and animation behaviours were defined to allow them to run at key moments such as; signing up, logging in, and, gifting – all important moments of connection between you and Tango.

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