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Creating an invisible force for good

Constanter are an independent charitable foundation based in Switzerland, forming part of a network of philanthropic organisations. They have a powerful purpose – to make the world a better place, by investing in areas that have the maximum positive impact upon society and the wider planet. Each project is deeply rooted in their values and chosen with extreme precision for far-reaching effect.

The new brand proposition perfectly captures the far-reaching goal of Constanter’s work in: ​‘Potential Unbound’. This combined with their unassuming nature and being a self-funded foundation, funneled into the creative idea; an invisible force for good.

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Web design
  • Brand activation touchpoints


  • Strategy – Chris Davenport
  • Web Development – Schuttelaar & Partners
  • Animation – Sayeed Islam

The ripple

The new identity represents the foundation as a ripple; a quiet and impactful moment. The centre of the ripple represents their targeted investments, capable of far-reaching impact.

About the system

The foundation needed an identity system that could be used in-house by communication specialists, rather than designers. So the final system was designed to be impactful, but still intuitive and straightforward. It included a range of tools that helped the team adopt the identity quickly and easily; a suite of ripples, key templates, and animations to deliver an engaging audience experience for digital brand pieces.

“Working with the S+P team has been great, they really understand what it takes to bring brand strategy to life. In a very thoughtful and inspiring way, they succeed in creating a visual brand that fits and even elevates your brand narrative.

We’ve been really pleased and proud of the beautiful end result.

Rosanne van Poelvoorde — Director Communications at COFRA

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