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Intelligence is more than artificial

Born in 2006, Munich-based composable commerce leader commercetools has just achieved the rarest of things – Centaur status. As they continue their mission, to transform the future of commerce, they needed their visual brand to intelligently become as intuitive, dynamic, and powerful as their products, to reflect a company with innovation at its core as we enter the world of AI.

Working in close collaboration with Commercetool’s creative team has led to a visual brand that achieves what it set out to, but is also thoroughly tested and usable internally from the outset. The team came armed with a list of historical challenges they have faced with their existing identity, that we tackled together.

The approach was intuitive, using design collaboration tools to share the work live as it progressed, and getting real-time design input and comments, enabling all the creative decisions to be made jointly.

What we did

  • Brand audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Visual identity
  • Art direction
  • Guidelines
  • Engagement


  • Design – Commercetools Creative Team
  • 3D – Paul Dixon
  • Animation – Chris Shone & Studio Mondi
  • Type design – OD&A

“Collaborating with Styles+Partners was an amazing experience.

Our synergy worked flawlessly from the beginning, exploring ideas together to create the path of our brand, and they completely grasped our requirements.

Their expertise in branding and assistance enabled us to develop our brand and obtain a sophisticated, modern corporate identity that truly distinguishes us.

Our connection with them has been quite rewarding, and we look forward to working with them again.”

Camilo Jimenez, Design Director, commercetools