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From products to powerful enterprise

Boston-based online secure-transaction company OneSpan is a 30-year-old trusted business, operating with many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Working directly with corporations and often being white-labeled, meant their brand hadn’t been a focus for some time.

With lots of competition across different markets, and their own new and ambitious products launching, they needed a corporate brand with impact that reflected where they are now and their vision to belong in the enterprise space.

What we did

  • Brand Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • Creative Concepts
  • Guidelines
  • Key Asset Creation
  • Rollout


  • Mondi Studio – Animation
  • Chris Shone – Animation
  • Ciaran Spencer – Photography
  • Anna Jackson – Retouching

A new approach

The business had a lot of product development and innovation keeping them busy, meaning the time for a traditional full rebrand and relaunch wasn’t available. The brand development process was tailored to suit this, with a collaboration of core teams on both sides; and a incremental approach.

With the elevated positioning as an end-goal, there were some crucial day-to-day challenges to tackle together all needing an overarching brand that helped to elevate the product brands, and take them to market.

The design system

The symbol had been through many iterations previously and still wasn’t working as hard as it could. The first task was to sharpen it, by removing the shadow and bringing the shape into a full/true circle for impact and visibility.

The use of a ‘mature’, yet bright and optimistic overall colour palette, reflects their 30+ years of experience, whilst not losing the modern innovation of their offer. Strong colour blocking allows their elements to stand out on both dark and light backgrounds, with a system that is clearly defined for easy implementation.

A circular DNA

The entire design system is built from the foundation of the symbol. This simple geometric form allows us to build a world of elements from the same starting point that all connect.


The typography is simple yet playful, bringing distinctness through the font choice and the unique characters within the Ambit family. This approach enables generating interesting and distinctive communications to be expedient as the marketing team can generate interesting content themselves quickly and efficiently without dependency on their agencies.

Icons & Pictograms

A large part of the identity system relies on a bespoke suite of icons and pictograms to describe product function short-hand.


Photography is split into several layers. Users on devices whilst being framed by the graphic device system to represent them interacting with OneSpan products. Devices also framed by Graphic language to show software in action up-close and employees are photographed and ‘lit’ by the colour palette to have an ownable people picture style that allows their personality to come through.


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