Insights — May 2021

Is your purpose fit for purpose?

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The pandemic has made us question a lot of things; how we work, where we work, even where we live. With these same thoughts echoing around the world simultaneously, there may perhaps never be another moment quite like this to reset our thinking for the better.

Here is a big thought – perhaps the biggest there is; what is our purpose in life? Now – there is a big gnarly question to get your head around on a wet Wednesday. Surprisingly though if you really think about this and examine it deeply, it elicits some strikingly similar human responses. To make a difference, to leave the world a bit better than when we entered it, to raise a family with strong values. This deeper sense of purpose exists below the fleeting grabbed moments of self-reflection such as 'am I happy', 'am I making enough money,' or 'is my career going in the right direction?'

This, of course, is nothing new, it's always been there, and we have been helping brands to understand this better since we were formed. But now it's different, more heightened, sure the world will rejoice when we collectively emerge fully from the darkness, we may even look back rather than forwards briefly at the human cost of it all. But it's our purpose that will drive us forwards, and help us make our own personal choices, of who to work for, or what to buy.

So now more than ever, it's time to make sure your purpose is fit for purpose. Reappraise it, strengthen it, shout about it, and let's all leave this world a bit better than when we entered it.

Live your purpose