Creating a beautiful new currency that’s fair for all

Fintech startup Glint, approached us to work on creating their brand identity for the launch of their new service, which enables you to easily buy gold and switch between currencies. As we normally like to do, we started with a big idea: to shift them from being just a digital service to becoming a currency of the future – connected to gold.

Our first challenge – there isn’t actually a currency symbol for gold, and if you are taking it to the masses it’s going to need one – the same way that Bitcoin needed one. So we took the G’ of glint and developed a brand positioning around being the first fair, sustainable, and universal currency. This led to the ‘=’ component, as a shortcut for equality, being incorporated into the symbol. 

Our ambition is that as the service is used more and more, the G’ stops being just associated with Glint and starts to become associated with gold itself, making Glint and gold become effectively the same thing.

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